This month we received a generous donation of the additional funds raised by Emily Bowyer for Bag Mohajer. Thank you Emily and all those who donated! Your contribution is helping Xenia to keep going and support more women in Hackney.

“Bag Mohajer” is a social project in which young refugees sew bags out of unusable old clothes as well as those rubber dinghies and life jackets, that brought them in a perilous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe. I have several close friends making these bags, who are currently trying to make a life in limbo in Athens. The money paid for the bags went directly to the tailor, and any extra money donated has been given to Xenia women’s group. I chose to support Xenia as it is a group that is bringing together women from different communities within Hackney. Through learning together and supporting each other it is a small scale, high impactful project that breaks down the barriers that can divide us, whilst making friends and having new experiences.

To donate to Xenia, please get in touch with Theo at

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