We are excited to be launching a collaboration with artistic collaborative Fourthland and SPACE Studios on Mare Street this month! This means weekly workshops from June until September, and an exhibition of stories told through objects and words by our participants in October – December.


Over the last few sessions, Fourthland artist Louise Sarayer has left bundles of handmade objects for Xenia with questions about stories and memory. These mystical appearances are starting the process of a season-long period of story-collecting, with the writings, recordings and creations made by participants during sessions feeding in to the next bundle that is created. Nobody knows what the outcome will be, but we are thrilled that participants will see their collective stories reflected in a public exhibition in Hackney later in the year.


Nathalie Boobis, Artist Commissions Coordinator at SPACE, says:

SPACE are delighted to be working with Xenia this summer to provide extra workshops run by Louise Sayarer from artist collective, Fourthland.

These have a creative focus and the outcomes will be part of an exhibition, BearMotherHouse, at SPACE in October 2017.

13th October – 23rd December 2017

Opening: Thurs 12th Oct 2017 – FREE & All Welcome!




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