photo-2018-06-27-20-34-31.jpgAt our session on 24th June, we were celebrating Refugee Week. This year was the 20th anniversary and to mark the occasion people were invited to take part by doing one of their 20 Simple Acts.

We chose to write some poems to express our feelings which resulted in some heartfelt, beautiful poems from the group. Read them below!

We all come from the same mother, earth as womb.
Nobody is a stranger. Come in.
Welcome, this is home.

Don’t refuse a refugee.
They have their own feelings.
Refugees no choice, can be more choice.
With the pain you can gain a new future.

Who I am
I am a person who was forced to leave my county.
My family, my pretty house, my lovely friends, my memories behind.
I am a traveller, I came by plane, boat, sea.
I welcome!
I am hungry, tired, ill, frightened.
I know my way!
I can’t sleep, I am restless.
I long for my family, memories and my country.
I believe that my dreams come true.
Do you know who I am?
I am a refugee!

If we can look in to our souls deeply, we can live free and peaceful together feeling powerful.
If we look in to our souls deeply, we can see a universe where we live together peacefully.

Knowing happiness gave me freedom to have confidence.
Made me feel free from fear.
I feel at peace.
I can make friends, travel and speak my own language.
I can have my own home and create love in it.
I have no fear to practice my religion.
My children will grow up to have a good job and education.

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