At our annual Summer Celebration, Esther from ecoActive taught us how to make our own flower crowns.

It was so much fun that we thought we’d share the instructions with you so you can make your own beautiful crowns too.

It’s fairly simple but best done with a friend so you can help each other with the fiddly bits, and isn’t everything just better with a friend by your side!

Good luck and please do share pictures of you wearing your Xenia flower crown on our Facebook or Twitter page!

What you’ll need

  • Flowers! Grab some of your favourite 🙂
  • Thick craft wire to make the headband.
  • Thin craft sticky tape or floral tape to add your flowers to the headband.
  • Scissors.

How to make your crown

  1. Take your thick craft wire and measure around your head, then cut to size leaving a little extra to twist together to make your headband.
  2. Cut your flowers, leaving 2-3 inches of the stem so it’s easy for you to organise and stick to your headband.
  3. Gather your flowers in to little bunches, then hold it against the headband and tape to your headband. It’s a little easier if you have someone to help you hold/tape flowers to the headband.
  4. Keep adding small bunches until you have covered the headband.
  5. Wear your crown with pride!

If you’d like a little extra guidance you can find a great video here.


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