Xenia has a big year ahead, sharing our learning of women-led social integration and language learning across the country. With that comes a big step for the organisation!
To enable Xenia to get stronger and more sustainable the next step is to register with the Charities Commission, to formalise with legal status and access more funding. The really exciting part of that is recruiting a Trustee Board to help to develop and deliver Xenia’s vision of more inclusive and connected communities across the UK.

If you become a Trustee, you will have an impact on women at a local level in Hackney while also helping drive the strategic direction needed to achieve Xenia’s growth plans and make a difference reaching far further. That makes it a really exciting time to join the team!

What’s more, you’ll get to join a dedicated group of people who are committed to creating a community of welcome for all women …. and score off any new year’s resolutions you might have made to make the world a better place!

You can read the full role description below and please do share this on any of your social media channels or with individuals you think may be interested.

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