How long have you been coming to Xenia?
I think it was from November 2018 to September 2019

What was it like the first time you came to Xenia- who did you meet, what did you see?
It was raining and I met Ioanna near Space Studio in Mare Street.

We waited together for the group coming from Hackney Museum. I though my English was really terrible but I started to talk with her. I talked about the beautiful exhibition, made by Xenia, that I saw in Space Studio some days before.

I arrived in London in September 2018 and It was the first time I was using English to talk about my feelings and my interest in arts. When the group arrived I saw smiling sisters.

How would you tell a friend about Xenia?
Xenia is a place where you have time to think before to speak… nobody feels afraid about the silence and the pauses between words. It means time to listen to the other women and to ask “could you repeat?”, without fear of embarrassing situations.

I think I started to talk in English, a little bit, for the love I felt when this language became useful to have contact with new sisters and friends. Thanks Xenia.

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