Since Xenia was founded in 2016, we’ve welcomed over 350 women from over 56 countries to our Hackney based workshops. Our workshops not only give women who attend regularly the confidence to speak English more in their everyday life, they also tackle isolation by providing an opportunity to socialise and make new friends.

The impact of Xenia has been recognised in various pieces of research and forums, which are listed below: 




  • Xenia was recognised as one of twelve pioneering organistaion helping to combat isolations in The Family Care and Nesta ‘Finding connection in a disconnect age’ paper
  • Xenia will feature in UN Women’s Guide to Gender-Responsive Implementation of the Global Compact on Migration.

“What Xenia aims to do is extremely important. Xenia’s ability to bring women together in a safe, informal and creative space to develop their English skills and to meet other members of their community, including access to childcare, is hugely welcome.”

Mariam Kemple Hardy, Head of Campaigns at Refugee Action (#LetRefugeesLearn)