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Meet Sultan, a Xenia regular!

How long have you been coming to Xenia?
I have been coming to the Xenia since February 2017.

What was it like the first time you came to Xenia- who did you meet, what did you see?
I first came with Turkan after our college teacher had recommended Xenia. We thought it was a good opportunity to improve our English and we decided to go.

We were both excited and a little nervous when we first came. I was so excited about who would welcome us. I felt my English wasn’t good enough so I was anxious to communicate with people but three young ladies greeted him with heart – Ioanna, Anna and Theo. Their sincere and welcoming attitudes led me to get rid of any uneasiness.

Also there were many women like me who want to improve their English and wanted to spend time doing a nice activity. A short time later, this place made me feel at home. My English has developed seriously, I can now talk easily to people and I have made many friends.

How would you tell a friend about Xenia?
I recommend Xenia to all my friends and all the women around me for all the good things it’s given to me. Xenia has a family atmosphere where helpful, loving and friendly people come together. I also think it is a great opportunity to improve your English.

I would like to thank Ioanna, Anna, Makena, Theo, Emma and all the people who contributed to this project.