“What Xenia aims to do is extremely important. At Refugee Action we know that refugees and asylum seekers are desperate to learn English but often face huge barriers due to limited provision. Women can be particularly disadvantaged for a range of reasons, including lack of access to childcare for ESOL classes. This can lead them to be socially isolated, unable to integrate effectively and rebuild their lives.

Xenia’s ability to bring women together in a safe, informal and creative space to develop their English skills and to meet other members of their community, including access to childcare, is hugely welcome.”

Mariam Kemple Hardy, Head of Campaigns at Refugee Action (#LetRefugeesLearn)

Refugee Action

“Xenia is a valuable voluntary group in Hackney, run by dedicated young women volunteers, committed in offering marginalised migrant women a real opportunity to learn English in a safe and friendly environment. Their success has been down to a strong belief in making language learning accessible for all women, many whom are often excluded from mainstream ESOL classes, so they can build their confidence and take part in their local community.

The learning method used by Xenia not only helps women learn English but also helps everyone involved to break down barriers by making friends and understanding of different cultures, practices and norms. To continue offering this vital service and meet the growing demand it is vital that London funders resource Xenia adequately.”

Sofia Roupakia, London Projects Manager at Migrants’ Rights Network

Migrants’ Rights Network

“Xenia women is a young, ambitious initiative driven by the feminist vision of a peaceful productive multi-ethnic community, where women play a leading role in shaping its future. As a young network of migrant women organisations we are delighted to have Xenia women on board with us; to help us jointly create a vibrant platform where migrant women NGOs from all over Europe can come together to empower and learn from each other, and strengthen our collective voice.

It was a real pleasure to have Theo, a founding member of Xenia, with us in Athens where we benefitted from her critical feminist analysis, her inter-cultural & digital skills and her passion about the grassroots work with migrant and refugee women. We are looking forward to building on this experience in the years to come!”

Anna Zobnina, European Network of Migrant Women

European Network of Migrant Women

“On behalf of HOPE not hate I have the real honour to work with Xenia. This is the sort of organisation that we are happy to collaborate with as we clearly share objectives to bring people together to empower communities.

You don’t get much more HOPEful than the community engagement that takes place as part of the outcome of Xenia’s work with women who are helped with their English skills and the women that help them.

The community that has this cohesive cooperation taking place is fortunate to be able to benefit from the growth that is enabled by this project. We need more Xenia; National Xenia?”

Dawn Livingston, London Community Organiser for HOPE Not Hate

HOPE Not Hate