Xenia began in June 2016, with an experiment as part of Antiuniversity Now Festival.

The idea was to run a workshop that would give migrant women an opportunity to practise English with native English speakers taking part in the session alongside them, also providing childcare so that mothers could participate. We reached out to Hackney Learning Trust who told ESOL learners about the session; we found a friend and host in Hackney Museum; and we set about planning the first session around the theme of Welcome.

Expecting just a few women to attend, we were instead met with a packed room and asked if there would be another workshop the next week. That was the beginning of Xenia, with monthly workshops from June – December, and workshops every two weeks from the start of January 2017.

Xenia began with the support of some fantastic partners, and we continue to thrive with their support. Click here to learn more about working together.