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User agreement

This agreement outlines some understandings we ask you to share in as you use this site and its resources.

Note: In this document “we” “our” and “us” refers to Xenia, a Charitable Interest Organisation (Xenia CIO). “You” and “your” refers to you the user who is interested in accessing the resources.

Sharing Xenia’s mission and values

Xenia’s mission. By agreeing to this User Agreement, we ask that you use the Xenia resources and knowledge to further the mission of creating more welcoming, equal and connected communities. You might call this something different, but the resources must be used with the general aim of promoting integration, connection and understanding between people of different backgrounds. Nothing on this site should be used in ways that are counterproductive to this mission.

Xenia’s values. We wrote these resources with our values in mind - these values are also what guides us in all areas of our work. By submitting this User Agreement, we ask you to similarly keep the Xenia values in mind as you use the resources:

  • We welcome all women
  • We value everyone’s experiences and knowledge
  • We take time to listen and understand
  • We all have something to teach
  • We all have something to learn

How you can (and can’t!) use and share these resources

Using the resources. We have made these resources so that others who are interested in the Xenia model can use them to help with setting up new activities, events or groups. You might also use them for your own general learning, or the learning of your organisation - as long as you are doing this with Xenia’s values in mind. We ask that you use them only for this purpose, and in keeping with Xenia’s values.

You can’t use the resources or our website to:

  • Make money (e.g. selling them)
  • Pass the content off as your own
  • Make and publish your own versions of them. If you want to make your own resources based on ours, please speak to us first.
  • Copy or share the resources, in any way other than by sharing a link to the website (see sharing resources below)

Sharing the resources. As part of trying to create a community of Xenia groups, we would like people interested in setting up their own groups to get in touch with us at Xenia (CIO) first. As such if you want to recommend working with Xenia to someone, please put them in touch with us directly and we can share the resources with them. You can point them to our website or our email address: You cannot use the resources in any way other than the ways outlined above - breaching this goes against copyright license under which we’ve published the resources.

Treat the resources as a guide. These resources were written by the local Xenia Hackney team. We have tried to reflect what is important to Xenia, and also what we have learnt in our neighbourhood. Not everything in the resources will be relevant to your area, so you may need to adapt things. By returning this User Agreement you acknowledge that these resources are guides only and there is no guarantee they will work. They are only the starting point of developing a successful project.

Relationship between you and us

Join us in learning. As part of using the resources, we ask that you join in with the collective learning project that will keep Xenia developing. This means that by signing this User Agreement you agree to share with us any learning about your group, as and when you can. This should not include sensitive information about individual participants. Instead, we would like to learn about how you have found working in your neighbourhood. We’ll send you more specific questions when appropriate, and by returning this User Agreement you are agreeing to respond to these questions.

Keeping us informed. We are excited to be supporting new Xenia groups and we respect that you are independent to do as you wish once your set up. However, we really value open and honest conversation (both ways!) so please do keep in touch so we can all stay in the loop with how your projects are going. This might include major learning points (see point above), or it might include changes to your organisation - if you receive funding or have other things to celebrate, we’d love to amplify your message!

Using the Xenia name. We would like all Xenia groups to benefit from sharing a name, so that we are united with a common mission and inspire more and more people to set up similar activities. It will also help with other stakeholders becoming familiar with the name/organisation, if you aren’t already well known in your area. This might not be fully possible if you are part of an established organisation already, but we would like the work you are doing inspired by our resources to have the Xenia name mentioned. We ask that you add something extra to your name (if you do choose to call it Xenia), like your area, for example. This could mean you are called Xenia Plymouth, for example.

Accuracy. The accuracy of the resources has been done to the best of our ability in 2019 and are written at a point when our experience has been working in Hackney. We won’t always be able to keep everything up to date, so bear with us. If you notice something, you can suggest it to someone on the Xenia team at:

Thank you for taking the time to read this User Agreement - as a small grassroots organisation, it’s important that we are working with people who understand how these resources should be used! If you have any questions before returning this, do get in touch on

If you are ready to submit this User Agreement and start accessing the Xenia resources with all this in mind, please sign below:

I ______________________________ have read and understood the User Agreement and agree to everything laid out in it.

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