Xenia brings migrant, refugee, asylum-seeking and British women together for workshops that encourage English language practice and fun, meaningful two-way social integration.

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Start a Xenia

Introduction to Xenia

Here at Xenia we have a model that works, and we want to help others to set up groups in their own communities without having to start from scratch. That’s why we’ve created an extensive set of resources from what we’ve learned so far, to help you get started. 

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You can start accessing the resources by creating your own account, so we can keep in touch with you to provide support wherever you need it. Central to the Xenia model is a set of shared values - by accessing these resources you agree to uphold and respect these. Below is a sneak peak of what you can expect to find when you sign up.  (It's all free!)


Setting up

Here we tell you a bit about how we got started, including finding a team, a venue and participants.



This section gets into the detail - how to plan sessions, and what else you need to get ready.


Running Sessions

How do you facilitate sessions, deal with challenges, and make it safe and fun for kids? Learn how here.


Everything Else

Once you’ve experimented a bit, this is where to come for support on making your group run like clockwork.